Trucks & Trailers

We understand that drivers take pride in their trucks and want to keep them clean.

Our wash bay is equipped with the latest Hotsy all in one power unit that sprays hot water at 4000 PSI. Every truck gets hand washed and we spend the time to make sure that we utilize the proper chemicals and the proper technique to do an exceptional job on your truck.

We understand that your company image is on the door of your Truck and make sure that when you leave the wash bay you are left with a clean professional look.

Heavy Equipment

Industrial heavy equipment gets dirty.

At General steam we have perfected the technique with the proper chemicals to ensure we get it done quickly and efficiently and get your equipment up and running with as little as possible downtime. 

Unlike most mobile wash companies our mobile unit is equipped with a 500 Gallon water tank, a Hotsy skid with a built-in steamer. The steamer uses dry steam and unlike a conventional wash that leaves your radiator grill all caked up after the first use the steam allows for an instant dry. This is a vital option for customers working in muddy areas, landfills etc.


Airplanes are an investment and getting a professional to clean them is particularly important.

An improper detail can lead to very extreme situations where expensive damages can occur. Choosing the right detailing company for your aircraft is particularly important. Our Aircraft team are highly trained professionals that make sure a hassle-free job is done. Aircraft have extremely sensitive sensors such as the static ports and pitot tubes that if not done properly can cause damages to the aircraft avionic or worse an accident. We use only Aviation approved chemicals and techniques to ensure safety and compliance with Transport Canada and FAA regulations.

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Rail Containers

Rail containers take a lot of abuse from the outside elements.  Vandalism is the leading cause of most damages on rail cars. 

Although we cannot control the damages done by outside sources, we can remove to the best of our ability the damages that have occurred. Graffiti that displays profanity and sensitive content can be restored in a timely manner and  get the wheels rolling quickly, minimizing the downtime and expensive sandblasting, painting.


If you own a tour bus company or a regular passenger line we have the tools to make sure you make the right health and sanitization image to all your customers that board the bus.

We clean all the nooks and crannies on the exterior and interior to ensure that when your customers board the bus it is fully clean with fresh air and gives them a comfortable and sanitized ride. Fleet pricing is always available.

Boats and Pleasure craft

Boats and pleasure craft are a image of you.  With marine grade products we can restore the shine of your Boat.

Because of the elements that boats are exposed to or pro long storage the shine on your boat goes away. Maximum UV resistant products are used to ensure a show shine quality finish.  If you need a interior cleaning and protection from the elements we have all the right products to apply to the finish so that it protects your investment. From leather too carbon fiber we have you covered.